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“B. Sterling is my new favorite…his music has made its way into my heart-it’s that simple.”
– Eliza Gilkyson, Singer/Songwriter

Album: Searching Through The Changes
“This is solidly convincing material, in which no song is inferior to the others…One hopes that the duet with Eliza Gilkyson on the final track Brave New World will generate, for him, much positive publicity.  In my opinion, all of this is an excellent sign of things to come as reviewers will surely pay attention to his talent.”
– Johan Schoenmakers, www.altcountryforum.nl

“B. Sterling cranks out a batch of thoughtfully crafted original songs on Time Has Come…B. Sterling doesn’t pen saccharine lyrics.  Instead he encapsulates the power of real emotions with a bit of poetry and plenty of heart.”
– Mario Tarradell, The Dallas Morning News

“Austin-based B. Sterling Band is the guitar, bass, keyboard and horn conglomeration brought to you by B. Sterling Archer…his scratchy vocals are poignant, sweet and grainy like the first bites of a Bosc pear.  B. Sterling is a little bit indie, a little bit singer-songwriter and whole lot of soul.”
– Crystal Roberts, The El Paso Times



1st Place Winner- 2014 Psalmwriter Competition

Finalist- 2013 New Folk -Kerrville Folk Festival

Finalist- 2013 Texas Songwriter Serenade

Winner- 2012 Americana Genre -Show Me The Music, International Songwriting Contest

Finalist- 2011 New Folk -Kerrville Folk Festival


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    • 07/04/17 B. Sterling in Austin, TX at The Saxon Pub
    • 06/17/17 B. Sterling in San Clemente, CA at House Concert
    • 06/16/17 B. Sterling in Huntington Beach, CA at House Concert
    • 06/09/17 B. Sterling in Kerrville, TX at Kerrville Folk Festival (Main Stage)
    • 04/27/17 B. Sterling in Austin, TX at Winflo
  • New Album

    Vein Full of Gold

    Searching Through the Changes