After The Storm

All My Time is Spoken For

When you’re bruised to the bone, and your melodies groan
And the future is flooded with endless rain
When your mind won’t be still, like a mouse in a wheel
And you’re worried, tired, and under strain

I’ll always be there, when you’re all out of choices
I’m coming even if you don’t call
Oh I’ll always be clear, cutting through all the voices
I’m coming even if you don’t call
When you’ve nothing to share, and the cupboards are bare
When you’re empty, wounded, and wearing thin
When you’re waiting out storms, but the waters just swarm
And you’re losing all of your hope within


When hell leaves its mark, when oceans unleash their tide
Their floods will recede, you will not be swept aside
When you’re exiled and lost, and your mourning the cost
When it’s desperate, and feels like the worst will show
When the heat will not wain, and your whole town’s in pain
And your flag is unraveled and hanging low

Chorus (2X)