In The Canyon

All My Time is Spoken For

Verse 1
It gets lonely when I’m suffering, like a footprint on the moon
Just hoping to be rescued, but I’m stranded…marooned
Verse 2
Like a map that leads me homeless, I draw worries into focus
I can’t subjugate this feeling, hook is swallowed, mind is reeling
Cause there’s a place that traps the mind, where telescopes and myths collide
A weathered land of ill extremes, a bridge washed out by flooding streams
An anxious night, a troubled day, a warning light in cloaked array
Like panic in the waiting room, there’s no telling what I can assume
Verse 3
I go weeks with tunnel vision, tuning worries, with precision
I’m so low, I’m in the canyon, chasing echoes, I should abandon
Verse 4
Then some days I’m in the clearing, nothings’ pressing…rearing
But I worry that they’ll come back, just keep praying, persevering